Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Simple Things Make Me Happy

Who Dat?! I was so happy to see that the Saints won the Super Bowl.  The Thursday before Super Bowl Sunday I met a man (at work) who was born and raised New Orleans, LA style and he had some amazing and heart-breaking stories to tell regarding the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  He kept yelling, "Who Dat?!" throughout our slightly reserved office.  I thought it was hilarious.  He is an Iron Man race organizer and a very inspiring person to be around.  {This year Iron Girl and Man are both coming to town and I think I'm going to attempt to tackle the former.  It's just a sprint triathlon; not the full blown thing.}
But back to the Super Bowl . . . T and I went home to my parents' house to watch the game.

This is the view from inside my parents' dining room.What a view, huh?  The white stuff on the ground is snow on top of the iced-over lake.  All day long snowmobiles and ice fisherman played on the ice. 

An exciting development during our time at my parents' house was a visit by my sister and her boyfriend.  That was the first time her BF has been to my parents house in a long time; also the first time he's seen my dad in a LONG time.  I was slightly nervous for both my dad and my sister's BF; but actually, everything went smoothly and hopefully we can all get together in the near future for some fun and relaxation.

P.S. I just stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a lunchtime coffee break and I also purchased a brand-new Triple Choc. Muffin that was simply delicious.  I know it was not a good healthy chose, but I loved it.

~Dining Diva


  1. What a GORGEOUS view! I wish I was looking at a snow covered lake instead of a snow covered empty apartment building... hehe. Or 6 kids running around the parking lot...

  2. Glad things went well with your sis, BF, and dad! That's good news. Love Dunkin Donuts, it's the best!


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