Thursday, February 11, 2010

Food Hangover

Yep.  I'm dealing with one today.  Ever experienced a food hangover of your own?  The Dining Diva had no self-control what-so-ever last night and that is the reason for my disgustingly bloating stomach and heart burn. (I sound like an old lady.)  T and I went to one of my favorite local restaurants to cheer on my Alma Mater that is very bad ass right now; the Syracuse Orange basketball team.  So we cheered them on with the help of a few friends: beer, spinach and artichoke dip with chips, sweet and sour chicken wings, chicken quesadillas, m&m cookie sundae.  Yep, the gang was all there last night.

I've been doing pretty good exercising about 5x a week and last night all I did was exercise my mouth.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed each and every bite, but today I feel disgusting. 

If I didn't love food and binge eating so much, I think I would be slightly slender.  It's a good thing I exercise or else I would really look like a beached whale.

That is all.

Treadmill, I'll see you later tonight.

~Dining Diva


  1. too funny! I wish I couldn't relate as much as I can, ha!

  2. Haha, been there before girl, totally been there!!

  3. I didn't want to comment b/c your team beat my team... but I have had a food hangover (and maybe some wine) for a week now that we have been snowed in. It is terrible and I need to stop eating and drinking so much!


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