Friday, February 19, 2010

Fabulous Friends

Last night was really fun!  T and I met up with my best friend Jess and her boyfriend Jeff at a local sports bar/restaurant to cheer on the SU basketball team.  They won (again!) but it was a little close for comfort at the end.  Anyways we all had a tasty dinner with sandwiches, appetizers and drinks and then headed to the bar for the second half.  I miss hanging out with J & J more often but Jess is an RN and works every other weekend as well 12 hour shifts during the week.  She's also going back to become school because her work pays for it.  (Pretty sweet deal!)

Here are some photos:

And TGIF! For having Monday off, this week has dragged on and I feel mentally exhausted from work.  Hope everyone has a fun weekend.

P.S. I'm still going to post the recipes for the red velvet cupcakes and chicken marsala because they are so delicious.

Dining Diva

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