Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Meeting

I've mentioned before that I have a poor relationship with my older sister.  I put the blame on her for this because it's a result of her actions and choices.  We really haven't spoken since Father's Day in June.  Yesterday she called me and asked if I would be able to meet for dinner or coffee tonight; just the two of us.  I said yes.  She has to drive about an hour to get to where I live, so we are going to be for dinner around 7 tonight.  I am actually looking forward to our meeting, but am also nervous.

I am not one to look for confrontation and I do not enjoy being upset with others.  I try to forgive and move on because when it comes down to it, life is just too short.  Plus, the fact that she is my sister makes me want to fix our troubled relationship.

She's never been the nicest sister.  In fact, we've never had a great relationship.  She is just selfish and fights dirty and had never been the older sister role model I would have liked to have.  In any case, we had been getting along the best we ever have the past year or so.  Then in May, she stopped communicating with my parents because of her boyfriend.  Then she said mean things to be about my family and I chose to stop talking to her.  I was disgusted that she could treat my family so poorly, especially because we have been blessed to have an amazingly wonderful family.

{Back story:  My sister dates an older man, as in the same age as my mother.  He was a family friend.  He was a husband and a father.  It was not the best situation and not one that anyone would have chosen for my sister.  She is educated, independent, beautiful . . . In our eyes, she didn't need to settle down in a relationship weighed down with so much drama, with a man who could be her father!  He's now divorced and they are planning on getting married, but still.  Step back from the situation and it's her life.  She can do what she wants.  So be it.  My parent's said they would no longer support her relationship with the BF because it was very unhealthy.  My sister broke off communication with them.  I told her she was wrong for treating my parents like that.  She then broke off communication with me AND said mean and hurtful things about my family.  That was in June.}

So just recently, my sister has started talking with my parents again.  (My parents continued to try to fix their relationship with her since the whole situation started.  She ignored them.) 

Do you see why I'm anxiously awaiting tonight's meeting?

I'd rather just kiss and make up and move on.  But she needs to apologize.  I don't know if she's capable of that.

I'll let you know.

Thanks for listening.

-Dining Diva

My sister and the BF in Florida in April, right before the drama began.


  1. Awe that sucks. I love my little sister to death but she going through some drama as well. It's hard to relate to her sometimes because she's 10 years younger but I try to be a good big sis. I hope things go well with your sis. Nothing is more important than family. They always have your back.

  2. Hi dearie,
    Let me know how everything goes with the sis! Love you lots and know I am always here for you to chat about anything and everything! Definitly need to get together ASAP! Possibly order dresses next week?? Ill talk to you soon! love you lots!


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