Friday, May 8, 2009

{Tweeted Out}

I'm sitting in the Detroit Airport waiting for my next flight that will bring me home. (It's been delayed for over two hours now...) So I have some time to reflect on the great experience I just was fortunate enough to have. The PRSA Travel & Tourism Conference was exceptional. The speakers were great and all of the attendees (mostly other women) were so great. It's crazy how you can just spend time with people for a few days but feel like you've known them forever.

The conference focused on the ever-changing world of social media...especially Twitter. Let me just say, after this post, I don't want to talk about Twitter or tweeting for the next few days. Oh baby, did all of the information get overwhelming! There is so much opportunity to reach a large audience with all of the social media tools...I feel like I need to go back to college to study social media to get a handle on it. Basically you can research journalists and bloggers and tweeters and spread your message that way. Peter Greenburg was one of the speakers. (He's the Travel Editor on the Today Show and an author)...well I was so excited when he saw me and said, "Hellow Ms. _____!" And hugged me.! That was pretty fabulous that he remembered me from a previous encounter last year.

Anyway...last night a few of the girls that I met and I went out to this amazing Bar-B-Que restaurant in the Plaza area. AMAZING. I loved Kansas City. I really have an entirely new respect for the Midwest. ...

Well, I'd write more but they are about to board the plane and I need to get organized.

Hope ya'll had a great week and have wonderful weekend plans...I'm headed to a lilac festival tomorrow.


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  1. I know. Sometimes my entire day at work consists of social networking/web 2.0. Last week the Ellen DeGeneres show actually came to Carnegie Mellon and fans were notified solely via Twitter. The tweets and retweets were going nuts. It's all a whole new marketing strategy.

    Even writing styles are changing. If you're interested:


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