Monday, May 4, 2009


A Spanish title seems fitting, since today is the day before Cinco de Mayo! How will you celebrate the holiday? I will hopefully be having some festive drinks in Kansas City! I leave in the morning for my PRSA Conference and I'm looking forward to it. I'll get back in town Friday evening and then I want to go to a Lilac Festival on Saturday and then it's Mother's Day on Sunday. When will I fit moving and packing into my schedule? I'm not sure.

Moving update: I do have some hopeful news regarding my apartment hunting. I looked at one this weekend with my soon-to-be roomie and we liked it. It is def. a good backup option. Also, there is s 2 br 1 bath at the apartment complex that I am even more interested in. However, I am going to hold off on making any decisions until May 15. I want to wait and see if a 2 br 2 bath opens up.

Last nigth I watched Father of the Bride Two with the BF and I just love that movie! "Every party has a pooper, that's why we invited you . . .George Banks!" haha Frank' just makes me laugh every time I think about him. Now that is a fabulous movie. A girl at work is due at the end of May but she is sooo huge that I think she could have her baby any day now. Isn't that exciting?! I love prego bellies.

So lots to finish up at work today and then I'll have to pack tonight.

Weekend was relaxing and great. Spend pretty much the whole thing with the BF. We went to a Japanese steak house on Friday night with his friends, home to the lake on Saturday, and looked at cars and moved a few items from my apartment on Sunday. I'm really interested in leasing the 2009 VW Jetta. The more research I do - the sassier I think it is.

Adios ! :o)


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  1. sounds like the apt hunting is going good...congrats!!!

    my cinco will be spent at a local mexican restaurant where my favorite cover band ever, the cheeweez, will be playing. we are heading there straight from class as my first semester of grad school is finally under my belt...woo!

    and ps...jetta's are hot! i wish you well in your leasing adventures!


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