Monday, November 8, 2010

Lucky in Love

Tim and I always let each other know how much we love and appreciate one another.  I love our relationship.  I love that it's been slow and steady and full of wonderful things.  I truly am SO thankful that we met.  I have no idea where I'd be today.  But I do know that I have basically run a marathon when it comes to the personal growth I've accomplished in two years.  I still say, to any ladies who are in an unhealthy and unhappy relationship, run. You deserve better.

This weekend was exceptional.  Friday night we relaxed on the coach with cocktails, candy, chips and queso.
Saturday we went to my old stomping grounds to cheer on the team. Then we went back to the restaurant where we originally met to celebrate two years of bliss.

Sunday I had my family over for a day of laughter, football and dinner.  I wish I took photos of the chicken marsala I made.  Everyone was impressed, including me! It's so delicious. I need to share the recipe with you.

Over 40,000 packed the Dome. It was fantastic.  And our seats were, too. Tim's boss gave us the tickets, a parking pass and two admission tickets to the V.I.P. party before the game. :) (He obviously knows that we're very important people.)
Leaving our humble home for our date.

Happy and full.  Right here is where I met my love muffin two years ago.  The restaurant is a really funky Mexican place.  (In my hand is leftover steak fajitas.  Yum!)

Dining Diva


  1. Love your dress!! Super sassy!! Glad you had fab weekend with your love and family!!

  2. You look beautiful (obviously). Congrats again on the big 2 year anniversary. Tim's a keeper for sure!
    PS I need to teach you how to use the camera timer. Ever since I discovered it, Mickey and I actually have pictures of us together!


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