Friday, November 12, 2010

Fanny Farkle is Coming BACK!

Some people grow up with cute nicknames. Others, like myself, are affiliated with sassier nicknames.  Meet Fanny Farkle.  Back in the day when I had braces for six years and was going through the awkward pre-teenage and teenage years, I was a true Fanny Farkle.  Braces have been off since eleventh grade, however, they're coming back!  Yes.  That's right.  At age 25, I'm getting hooked up at the orthodontist for one last time!

I went to the ortho yesterday with my mom and Tim and left with an appointment to get ceramic braces back in my mouth.  Of course I made the date for after Thanksgiving so I can eat like a piggy without the pain.  Apparently it should only take about eight months to get my teeth back to perfection.  Just in time for corn on the cob. Yes!  Too bad they are freaking expensive. 

December 6, 2010 I am getting my braces. Wear your retainers, people!

Dining Diva


  1. Oh fanny my love. I'm so glad I'll be visiting you this winter so I can see your new mouth bling!

  2. This is hilarious! I think I am getting braces too sometime in December or early next year! Bummer! But it'll be worth it :)


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