Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Silence

July was a busy month.  It was also a glorious summer month.  I took a break from blogging. I am still in a funk and so sick of staring at this damn computer screen all day long at work.  In fact, I'm in a working funk.  Summers always make me wish I was a teacher.  Anyone else?  I know I need to be thankful for my job, and it's a very good job, but still, I'm kind of over it. So what did I do during July?  Here's a quick re-cap:

1. Fourth of July get-together at my parent's lake house with my friends from college and their significant others.  It was so much fun and I'll actually be seeing both of the lovely ladies this weekend in Pittsburgh for Domestically Deficient's bridal shower/bachelorette party weekend! I'm really excited!

2. Wedding number four in beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY for one of Tim's friends.  Pictures to come.  

3. Relaxed on the weekends on the lake and soaked up as much sunshine as possible.

4. Still trying to workout or exercise on a daily basis.  By exercise I mean rollerblade, run, power-walk, etc ... no heavy  lifting at the gym.  I really do need to get in better shape. If I could just give up chips and dip and ice cream, I think I would be in such better shape.

5. My friend Jess and her boyfriend of six years broke up this month.  I've mentioned J&J in previous posts and the fact that they live in my apt. complex and we hang out often.  So that's sad and I've been trying to be a good support system for her.

6. Had friends over to our apartment for dinner.

7. Enjoying living with Tim.
And the exciting part is that we have recently been briefly discussing what kind of engagement rings I am interested in.  That is really exciting and I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I actually have no idea, so I obviously need to start doing some research. But the fact that we might be taking a giant step in our wonderful relationship sometime in the near future (well, I would say at least six months) is so exciting.  I love him oh-so-much.

8. Now it's August and I am taking a half-day on Friday to get a head-start on my drive to Pittsburgh to party it up for Domestically Deficient's special weekend!  I hope to have pictures for you upon my return!

Happy Summer!
~Dining Diva

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  1. Yay!! What an eventful July you had!! Glad to have you back in the blog world!! Woo hoo for ring shopping!!! No worries my dearie!! Have fun with your girls this weekend, take lots of pictures!!

    Something else very exciting happening in August...I get to see you!! Only a couple more weeks!! Miss you tons!!


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