Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Picture Perfect Wedding

... it's a shame that my camera battery was dead!  But I think I'll be able to "borrow" some photos from the bride's facebook page.  But let me just tell you that the entire event was amazing!  It was this past Saturday and the weather was absolutely perfect for the outdoor wedding.  The venue was breathtaking and it overlooked a gorgeous lake in the wine country of New York State.  The ceremony was beautiful.  I cried several times throughout it.  The groom was Jewish and the bride was half Jewish/half something else.  The ceremony was performed by the town justice so it was religion neutral...but it was all about love and very moving.

The reception was immediately after the wedding and at the same venue.  We didn't leave until midnight and the party was still going.  It started around 4 p.m. ... That is a long reception.

Here are some highlights:
1. gorgeous view and venue
2. the groom was sassy and wore a pin striped white suite with an orange/pink (matched the bridesmaid dresses) bow tie.
3. Open bar with themed beverages, including a "something new," "something blue," and "something borrowed" alcoholic creations.
4. A delicious appetizer spread, as well as passed hors d'oeuvres.
5. A girl that I lived with my freshman year of college was also at the wedding and we randomly reconnected. (See picture below.)
6. My swordfish dinner was delicious! (There was also beef and chicken.)
7. A band and DJ
8. Two photographers! Then they split up and one handled the photo booth! Yes.  A fabulous photo booth, complete with a treasure chest of fun accessories and props.  The pictures are hilarious. (See some below.)
9. A carved piece of ice which became an ice luge. Totally brought back college days and it was so much fun. I even saw one of the grandmother's do it.
10. The candy bar.  All of the candy matched the colors of the wedding.  You could fill your goody bag with candy and there were also toothbrushes for the taking.  I thought this was a cute idea because the newlyweds are both dentists.
11. How fabulous is this?  Around 10:30 p.m., pizza, wings, celery and blue cheese was wheeled out for everyone's "late night snack" cravings.  Timmy LOVED this.  So did I.
12. The cupcake bar.  Instead of cake they did a variety of tasty cupcakes.

And everyone was so friendly.

Here are some photos from the photo booth.
 The lake is behind us and you can seek some of the white chairs.  That's where we sat to watch the wedding.
(*All of the photos are copyright John Larkin photography.*)

Really made me want everything and I know it had to be a pricey wedding.  But it was so nice! A very wonderful wedding #5 for Tim and I! Oh, it's so nice to dream.

~Dining Diva


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