Friday, March 12, 2010

Road Trip to The South

I haven't had much to write about that was really exciting so that is where my lack of blogging comes from.  Also, I don't have internet at my apartment and I've been crazy busy at work so there goes my time to blog.  But I have been catching up on all of your blogs and fun adventures!  It sounds like we're all happy that spring is just about here!

So I took next week off (woo woo) and am packing into T's car and heading down south.  It should be quite the adventure and hopefully help T figure out what his future career might look like and where it might be.  This trip is a combination of work exploration and pleaure.  He has a few interviews lined up and I'm just going to be relaxing and keeping "an open mind" as T has requested. 

So we'll see what happens, but I hope this trip makes us fall in love with a certain area in the south or just confirm that Upstate NY is where we'll be calling home for awhile.  Once he commits to an office or takes on a dental practive of his own, he's pretty much stuck there.  So hopefully I have some exciting updates when we get back.

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